Hey Pack friends! Just a quick update about the Instagram + Pack toolset.

First, as some of you know, we've been battling a posting bug that has been affecting a very small percentage of the community for much too long.

A few days ago, on June 1st, Instagram upgraded their API, which threw another wrench into our Instagram-to-Pack posting feature.

The good news is that we're pending approval for using the new API, and we're also hoping that the new API helps us address the original Instagram bug that was affecting some (infinitely patient!) members of our community.

One other thing. We're working to re-build our super popular breed newsletter system. When we built the first version of this system, well, we went fast and broke things. ("Facebook for dogs" eh?). As these unique newsletters are beloved by Pack members, and we want to make it easy for hundreds of Pack Leaders to work on your behalf curating the BEST breed information for you each week, we want to spend the time to strengthen our systems and get this right. As such, we're giving our hard-working Pack Leaders a summer vacation and we're working to bring a better newsletter experience back online soon.

In the meantime, stay cool!