We had an amazing number of entries in the Pack #getoutdoors photo contest and we're pretty excited to see all of the ways our community is getting outside with their dogs. You can check out all of the entries right here.

While it was extremely hard to pick just one winner our team agreed that Whiskey and her human embodied the spirit of "Get Outdoors" the best with this dock photo.

So a big congratulations to Whiskey (and her humans) who won a $100 gift card from REI.

Meet Whiskey

Whiskey the Vizsla is from Vancouver, BC.

Q: Does Whiskey have a special trick or talent? ?

A: We work on new tricks all the time. Whiskey is very good with following scents over long distances in rough terrain and she has most of the basics covered - sit, lie down, roll over, stay, come, jump, up (get up on something), down, off, shake paw, leave it, speak, crate up, go to your bed, twirl, go through the legs, jump in your arms, kiss, heel, look at me, find it (or find a person). We are working on walking backwards and shaking her back paws as well as "sit pretty". I think her best trick though, is posing for photos.

Q: What's your favorite outdoor activity with Whiskey?

A: I just love hiking and back-country camping with her. That's why we chose a Vizsla and she's so perfect for this!

Q: If Whiskey could eat anything in the world, what would it be?

A: If Whiskey could eat anything in the world, it would be my dinner. Or your dinner...she's not too picky.

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