We were thrilled to pair up with our friends at Petplan for the #favoritethings contest and you can still take advantage of their holiday offer that's just for the Pack community. Use promo code: PACKDOG when you sign up for Petplan.

The winner of the Pack + Petplan contest is Bru and his favorite thing is a well worn and loved koala. She's got a few holes and most of her nose is missing but she's still Bru's most beloved toy.

Bru is a Beagle from Rockland, MA and he wins 3 month subscription to BarkBox from Petplan.

Our 5 Runners-Up get lots of love and kisses and high fives from the Pack and Petplan teams.

PUKA the Boxer

Maverick the Siberian Husky

Meadow the Marvelous Mystery Mutt

Romeo the French Bulldog

Tonya the Marvelous Mystery Mutt

You can check out all of the entries right here.