Pack is committed to connecting the dogs lovers of the world. Week by week we build and release improvements designed to foster conversations among our awesome Pack members.

We recently rolled out a simple messaging system, and today we added the ability to mention other Pack members in post comments.

Mentions are a quick way to grab the attention of another Pack member. Let them know you have something to share. Sometimes I mention my friend John Henry just to tell him about a post I like. You should use mentions in whatever way you want to connect with fellow dog lovers.

Creating a mention

Next time you’re commenting on a post and want to grab the attention of another (human!) member in your Pack, type the “@“ symbol and then begin typing their name. Instantly, a dropdown will appear with a list of member suggestions to select from. After the comment is created, we notify everyone mentioned and let them know to check it out.

For now, you are limited to mentioning Pack members whose dogs you follow or members who have previously interacted with the post you’re commenting on.

Shoot me a message and let me know if you have any suggestions!