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Meet Zuzu

Zuzu the Beagle is from Los Angeles, CA.

Q: How did Zuzu get her name?

A: Zuzu's predecessor was another Beagle named George Bailey. If you are fans of It's A Wonderful Life, Zuzu is his youngest daughters name. "Zuzu's petals, Zuzu's Petals!"

Q: Where is your favorite place to hang out with Zuzu?

A: As cheesy at it sounds, anywhere she is is where you want to be. She's a super chill girl so as long as I can snuggle with her, it doesn't matter where we are.

Q: What would be Zuzu's spirit animal? Why?

A: That's a tough one. She is full-spirited dog! She's pure hound through and through. Stubborn and strong. Smart and sassy. We love her for all her doggedness

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