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Meet TurboRoo

TurboRoo the Chihuahua is from Speedway, IN. This little dog who was born without front legs is changing the world with owners Ashley & Ray.

Q: What is TurboRoo's adoption story?

A: TurboRoo was surrendered to a vet I worked for in July 2014 in downtown Indianapolis, IN. Because of the fact that he was born without his front legs, he needed more attention than most puppies. My boyfriend Ray and I fostered and decided to adopt him!

Q: How did TurboRoo get his name?

A: Turbo in TurboRoo’s name came from the Dreamwork's movie where a snail was the “underdog” an ended up winning the Indy 500, since Turbo’s hometown is Speedway, Indiana it was PAWFECT! The “Roo” portion of TurboRoo’s name came from when he was a tiny puppy he use to hang out in my scrub pockets while I worked. We put 2 & 2 together and the name fit him perfectly!

Q: How is TurboRoo helping other dogs?

A: TurboRoo has helped introduce 3D printing to the animal prosthetic world. He now has his own company that provides custom, lightweight 3D printed prosthetics with the hope of expanding to be able to “print” anything needed for handicapped animals in the future. His main goal is to spread awareness that any animal no matter how they are born can live a normal life, especially now with the help of technology.

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