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Talented K9 Tonya

Talented K9 Tonya the Marvelous Mystery Mutt is from Gainesville, GA.

Q: Does Tonya have a special trick or talent?

A: Well, that it's hard for me to pick one! I have lots of different tricks and talents that my people think are pretty special. I think that anything I can do that makes people smile and means I get treats/attention is special! I enjoy doing my 'jump through arms' trick, and any trick that involves jumping. I also am enjoying this new talent my owner has been working on with me lately, which she calls 'hind end awareness', and it includes exercises like walking backwards up stairs, backing up onto walls, and a few others. I also enjoy doing off-leash recalls, and fetching anything!

Q: What is Tonya's favorite place for an adventure?

A: Tonya likes to go for hikes on trails or in the woods, she likes big, open spaces where she can run, and she likes visiting retirement homes because she gets lots of attention from the residents, she gets to do lots of tricks, play ball with the residents, and get really tasty treats! She also likes going to charity events and smelling all the new smells. She has been to some pretty big cities, and she really enjoyed all the cool places cities have to offer!

Q: What is Tonya's favorite treat?

A: Tonya's favorite treats are cat food, peanut butter, any kind of cheese and any kind of meat, Minties dental treats, gravy, watermelon, apples, and cantaloupe! I also like most vegetables, but I don't really care for lettuce or cucumbers.

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