This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Roomsy (with the help of his humans) the office mascot. is an interactive bookmarking platform where users can design their own room, access their favorite websites, discover trending content, and shop. also has a fantastic dog room called the Pawesome Penthouse. The Pawesome Penthouse is a dog’s dream room, loaded with over 300 links to online doggy resources. All you do is click various objects in the room (furniture, dogs, pieces of decor, etc.) to access different categories of bookmarks. It’s perfect for any dog - or dog parent. You can check it out right here.

Become a fan of Roomsy and by joining the Pack Pawesome Penthouse page so that you can share your own dog.

Meet Roomsy

Tell us a little bit about yourself Roomsy and how you became the myWebRoom office mascot.

I’m a two-year-old Lhasa Apso-Maltese mix and I’m just the cutest. My name is Roomsy because I’m the mascot of; if you check out the website or our office, you’ll see cartoon versions of me all over the place. I love to play with the myWebRoom team and jump on people’s laps during lunchtime, as I find this is the best way to get bites of human food.

Who is your human?

Officially I have two humans: my dad is Artem, the CEO, and my mom is Daria, the Head of Marketing. But really, the whole team at myWebRoom are my humans - every day I make sure to greet each one of them when they come into work and then periodically during the day run from desk to desk to check on them, give them kisses, and make sure that they get exercise by throwing my toys for me.

What part of the Pawesome Penthouse do you love the most?

I love that it has so many links to awesome dog websites! I’m particularly fond of all of the food websites in there so my humans can buy me delicious treats. ;)

What's your favorite office toy?

My favorite toy is the door buzzer at myWebRoom’s HQ. Every time it rings I get to run around and say hi to anyone new who visits the office!

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