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Meet Roland

Roland the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Mix is from West Virginia. This traveling dapper dog knows how to rock a costume.

Q: What's Roland's favorite place?

A: Roland has been a traveling dog his whole life. Starting out he traveled from necessity, he had to be bottle fed and looked after all of the time. But has he grew up, he started going places and traveling for adventures. He’s been a lot of places but a good shopping trip to the pet store or an afternoon at the park are the best.

Q: How did Roland get his name?

A: His name comes from the Warren Zevon song Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner. I’m a big fan of Warren Zevon’s music and a friend suggested I use one of my favorite songs. He was named Gus (the fat mouse from Cinderella) for the first week of his life. His momma’s family gave him that name. When I got him at one week old--his momma died shortly after he and his 11 siblings were born--I called him Roland because he looked like a Roland to me.

Q: What's Roland's favorite thing to dress up in?

A: Roland is quite the dapper dog and is well known among his social media followers and my friends for his costumes. He’s been a werewolf, Frankenweenie, WV University Mountaineer, pirate, knight, and rocket corgi but his favorite thing, by far, to wear is his harness because he knows that means a trip to the park or pet store or some other adventure is outside.

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