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Meet Rocky

Rocky the American Bulldog is from Wheeling, WV. This cute boy loves tug-of-war and sleeping in a ball.

Q: Does Rocky have a special talent?

A: He is extremely strong. If you're playing tug-of-war with him and you are sitting on the couch, he will pull you AND the couch across the room! Often times, he mistakes 10 lb. weights for his toys, so those get thrown around a lot too.

Q: How did Rocky get his name?

A: When we adopted him, his name given was Loki. However, he is more of a Thor. ;) We wanted to give him a name that sounded somewhat similar to Loki so that he would have an easier time learning it, so we landed on Rocky.

Q: What is Rocky's favorite sleep position?

A: On the couch curled up as tiny as possible. He puts his head on the arm rest and all of his legs curled up and tucked in neatly.

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