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Meet Otis

Otis the Alaskan Klee Kai is from across the pond in England.

Q: What are some of Otis's pet peeves?

A: Otis is not a fan of being carried, he has always hated it, even when we met him at 4 and a half weeks old. Our cuddles have to be at floor level, suppose he's a bit heavy now to be lifted anyway!

Q: Where is Otis's favorite place to take a walk?

A: His favourite places to walk are anywhere he can just run! We're lucky we live in the countryside so he gets a lot of off lead walks where he can really stretch his legs and chase his Italian Greyhound brother (even if he never catches him)

Q: Does Otis have any irrational fears or phobias?

A: Otis doesn't have any major phobias, he gets a little startled at loud noises though. He can sometimes get a little scared of bigger dogs, but he just cries a little and comes back to his mama!

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