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Meet Olaf

Olaf the Bichon Frise is from Boston, MA. He's the ultimate cuddlier!

Q: Does Olaf have a special trick or talent?

A: Olaf is a character to say the least. He loves guests, and whenever someone comes over he will stand on his hind legs and "dance" its quit the sight to see. Olaf is also fully aware of where the cookie's are, so whenever we go to that area of the house he will come over and sit. We recently taught him to shake and rollover, nothing cuter than a little fuzz ball learning new tricks!

Q: How did Olaf get his name?

A: We adopted Olaf last summer August 14'...before we went to meet him we were sent photos. The look on his face reminded me of the snowman from Frozen, Olaf and from that point I knew what his name would be. It was the perfect fit because he loves "warm hugs" and "sunshine".

Q: If he could eat any treat in the world, what would it be?

A: Peanut butter cookies all day! He loves peanut butter, I usually give him a peanut butter filled kong to play with as a treat and he absolutely loves it.

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Olaf's human Jess is also the new Boston Area City Leader on Pack.