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Meet Machete & Knives

These Corgi's from Framingham, MA love frosty treats and friends.

Q: What are Machete & Knives favorite treat?

A: Because it's been so hot this summer, they're loving homemade "frosty paws." i make them fruit/yogurt blends and pop them in the freezer for an icy treat on hot days. Only sugar-free, sugarless, plain greek yogurt (no artificial sweeteners!)

Q: How did Machete & Knives get their name?

A: Machete is named after Danny Trejo's character in the machete series, and his AKC name is Heronsway el rey de chorizo. Knives is named after Knives Chau from the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels/movie. Her akc name is Hronsway gōngzhǔ char siu bao. Essentially the sausage king & princess pork bun.

Q: What are Machete & Knives favorite place to Play?

A: They love going to the state park to play with their dog friends. Machete is a fiend about playing fetch in the lake, he's a very accomplished swimmer! Knives also loves running and chasing her friend mike in our yard, and hiding under the giant rhododendron.

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