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Meet Bailey

Lambchop the Marvelous Mystery Mutt is from Austin, TX.

Q: Does Lambchop enjoy eating lambchops?

A: I've never quite felt right about feeding Lambchop actual lambchops although I'm sure she laments about it since she absolutely loves to eat everything. However, sometimes when I'm feeling up for a little irony, I will buy her Lamb and Sweet Potato dog food. Ha!

Q: Where is Lambchop's favorite place to take a nap?

A: As you can see from Lambchop's profile, she LOVES to nap in her crate the most-- by choice! Sometimes I really want her to nap with me but she is so comfortable in her crate that she won't budge. Other than that, she loves napping in the sun on her patio.

Q: How does Lambchop show her love for you?

A: Even though I only adopted Lambchop 1 1/2 years ago, we bonded almost instantly! She shows me she loves me by celebrating when I get home from work (or just a 5 minute run to the store), getting jealous when I pet other doggies, and learning cool tricks just to entertain me.

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