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Meet John Henry

John Henry the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is from Peabody, MA. This cute boy is spoiled and totally lovable!

Q: What's John Henry's favorite treat?

A: John Henry has food allergies so I have to be careful about what he gets for treats. His approved protein during his food testing was duck and we’ve been able to find some locally sourced, dehydrated duck treats that he just goes crazy over!

Q: How did John Henry get his name?

A: As a teacher, I’ve always been a fan of names tied to literature. John Henry was the biggest in his litter and he still surprises many with his size - he is named after the American Tall Tale Hero John Henry who was big, tough, and never gave up (some may even say stubborn.)

Q: What's John Henry's favorite place to play?

A: My parents have a wonderful, large, fenced-in backyard. We used to live in the city and needed to be at the dog park in order for John Henry to have off-leash time. We recently moved to the next town over from my parents’ and their backyard is John Henry’s happy place…a whole dog park to himself!

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