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Meet Delilah

Delilah the Basset Hound is from Springfield, MA. Delilah is blind but that doesn't stop her from being a joyful and happy dog.

Q: Does Delilah have a special trick or talent?

A: Delilah can find a few of her favorite toys hidden around the house by name. We often play "Find Eugene" to strengthen those scent skills she was bred for, especially now that she is completely blind.

Q: How did Delilah get her name?

A: I picked her up from a rescue in Utah, so I was looking for a name that had some biblical/Mormon background. She was certainly a temptress as an adorable puppy that caused nothing but trouble.

Q: What's her favorite outdoor adventure?

A: She loves visiting the local dog park and meeting lots of people and dogs. Her tail is always wagging and her nose is always to the ground.

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