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Meet Candy

Candy the Beagle is from Massachusetts.

Q: Does Candy enjoy eating candy?

A: She probably would! She was named for how sweet she is by the woman who rescued her in Puerto Rico. Candy wags her tail so hard her entire body wiggles. She loves everyone she meets, so she's sweet as candy.

Q: What is Candy's favorite thing to play catch with?

A: Her favorite toys are soft stuffies that she knows as "bunnies". In her hay day she would catch them and never give them back. She will be 18 soon so now she mostly catches z's!

Q: What is the most intricate trick that Candy has mastered?

A: Candy's best trick that she still does is "sit pretty" when she sits up on her hind legs, and then "dance" when she waves her front paws up and down from that position. Or maybe it's the trick she does when she gets her humans to let her in and out on command.

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