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Meet Bilbo

Bilbo the Golden Retriever is from Columbus, GA. This adorable boy is a famous fireman puppy! Bilbo's human Kensie is also the Pit Bull Pack Leader.

Q: Does Bilbo have a special trick or talent?

A: Bilbo has many talents as he went through guide dog training, but my favorite is the command bring, he helps me all around the house from cleaning, to helping me pick up objects that have fallen, to playing fetch!

Q: How did Bilbo get his name?

A: His name is Billy which was given to him by the Guide Dog Foundation when he was a baby, but he always reminded me of an adventurous frumpy little hobbit, so I nicknamed him Bilbo!

Q: If he could eat any treat in the world, what would it be?

A: He LOVES apples! He always helps me finish the little bits around the core when I am finished and gets excited just hearing the word Apple!

Bilbo also has two dog siblings...

Jimmy the Pit Bull and Annikan the Irish Setter

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