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Meet Asha

Asha the Border Collie is from Northern Ireland. She's loves riding the waves at the beach and will do a trick for praise.

Q: How did Asha get her name?

A: We named Asha after our Border Collie Sasha who died of cancer at just 5 years old. We were so devastated as Sasha was so special. I prayed for Sasha to come back to us reincarnated into a wee pup and I truly believe my prayers were answered and Sasha is still alive through Asha now.

Q: What's your favorite place to hangout with Asha?

A: My Favourite place to hang out with Asha is our back garden on a sunny day which runs onto the beach. I just love to see Asha so happy doing her agility course in the back garden, then finishing off by her eagerly running onto the beach to ride the waves which she loves…Heaven for both of us!

Q: What's her all time favorite treat?

A: Asha’s all time favourite treat is definitely ‘Praise’. She has many skills gained through Praise alone - no other treats required! I believe Asha’s whole existence is to please and to be praised. When she’s getting no attention she will perform all her tricks to get you to notice and praise her.

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