iPhone-wielding Pack members, listen up! We've added a few more things to our iOS app.

It's not a huge release, but it has some small upgrades we think you'll appreciate.

• Our favorite new feature is the post details tray. It allows you to literally see the dog (or dogs!) who is (are!) behind each post. We’ve never seen anything quite like it before in an app and we are pretty excited about it. Just swipe to the right on any post on the home feed to meet a dog in your Pack.

• This one was widely requested by beta testers: You can also now view individual profiles. See your own dog in the app, or see yourself. More information on a dog or human is just a touch away. For example, here's my profile (I'm a human) and the one for Hannelore (she's a dog). On a dog's profile you'll see all of their recent posts as well, just like you can on the web.

My human profile. Hannelore's dog profile.

• There's a new bottom menu that helps you get around in the app as well. Not rocket science here, but we did some neat design stuff to make this menu appear when you want it and get out of your way when you just want to focus on the content.

As before, this iPhone app is still in its early stages. It is meant to be an on-the-go companion to the main Pack website. We're already knee deep in building out our next iOS release for you. Coming soon!

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