Pack members have been requesting a way to send messages directly to each other. Today we are happy to announce we've launched it: Pack Messages.

Pack Messages is a very simple system that allows you to talk directly with other Pack members. Once you've gotten in touch, you can continue a conversation using your own email account by simply replying to a message.

For example, you can send someone a Pack Message if you have a breed-specific question, want to organize a local meetup, ask where they bought that awesome hiking backpack, or just want to tell someone how much you like their dog.

It feels good to roll out a feature that was so popularly requested. We wanted to prove first that there was a desire within the community for direct messaging and that people would use it for good. Our hunch was also that no one wants to manage another inbox, which is why we've made this so light to use and easy to reply from your email.

We think it is pretty neat. We're excited to release a small feature that gets at the heart of Pack's mission to connect the dog lovers of the world. We hope to hear your stories about how you've used Pack Messages!

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