Great Plains Pointer Rescue

We had the opportunity to ask the Great Plains Pointer Rescue a few questions about their amazing organization which includes a Senior Dog Program. Learn about the work they do support them by sharing your own dog on their Rescue Pack.

What area does Great Plains Pointer Rescue serve?
GPPR covers the states of Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota.

Tell us a little bit about the Great Plains Pointer Rescue.
Great Plains Pointer Rescue was founded in 2008. Initially we were "German Shorthair Rescue of Nebraska". We soon started helping in Iowa and Minnesota and have wonderful breed loving non paid volunteers in all states. Here at Great Plains Pointer Rescue, we take pride in helping German Shorthairs and Pointers in many situations. All of our dogs receive full vet care in our program from minor to major medical issues. We provide all vetting records to adopters. Our main goal is to find loving and committed homes for our dogs. We take adoption seriously. Most of the dogs that enter our program have already been abandoned, bounced from home to home, or from different shelters. Our rescue program consists of foster homes where the dogs live indoors with families and receive training, social skills, and love. Adopters are able to ask questions and understand how a dog is in a home environment.

What's your favorite adoption story?
Annie arrived at GPPR in August of 2012 at 7 years old. She was surrendered by a breeder after she became too old. Annie had lived in a kennel for most of her life, and did not have any house manners. When she first joined us she was shy, and while she enjoyed being near a human she didn't really want to interact with us. It took several weeks to earn her trust, before she would seek human attention on her own. Being able to watch her emerge from her shell was so rewarding. Once she trusted us, she was a constant shadow to her foster mom. Annie was with us for over six months before demonstrated her first "happy dance", in which she barks and turns in circles when going for an off leash walk in the woods! Annie lived with two foster siblings while she stayed with us. She got along fine with our resident dogs, but never really wanted to play much with others. At the lake, she would run the shoreline, fishing for hours every weekend. Running free on a walk, fishing the shore of the lake, and napping on the couch were her favorite pass times. She stayed with us for 18 months before the perfect applicant inquired about her. The gentleman who inquired about Annie is a retired teacher. He asked dozens of questions about her, what she liked, what he could do to make her comfortable, what she eats. We spoke for hours before getting together for their meet and greet. Annie and her new owner hit it off right away. Annie is now an only dog with a retired owner, who gets to go for walks, nap on the couch with his grand kids, and be a very pampered girl. We get regular updates, including pictures of the sweet girl in her loving home.

Can you tell us about your Senior Dog Program?
GPPR is there for many misplaced Pointers, and Seniors are not an exception. Our Senior Dog Program involves a discounted adoption donation for adopters, one annual veterinarian examination covered by GPPR, and if a senior citizen adopts a senior dog, there is no charge. This program applies to the dogs in GPPR care that are over the age 10 and over age guessed by a veterinarian. Seniors are usually already trained, lower energy, and are content to lounge on a couch or go for an occasional walk. Many are overlooked due to age, but they are a treasure waiting to be found. The love of an older dog cannot be compared to any other. They make ideal companions for many, they just need that chance to show it. Seniors deserve and have earned a loving home and we are happy to help them find it, no matter how long it takes.

How can people help Great Plains Pointer Rescue in their mission?
People can help in so many ways; from fostering, helping with events, donating, and just spreading the word of GPPR. For a list of ways to help and volunteer/foster forms, please visit us.

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