This holiday season Pack has teamed up with Petplan for a fun holiday contest.

Together we're inviting dog owners to create photos showing off their dogs' favorite toys, trekking on their favorite trails or curled up on their favorite blankets--whatever their favorite things are.

Enter the contest right here and hashtag #favoritethings to win a 3 month subscription to BarkBox. The contest runs from Dec. 1st, 2015 to Dec. 13th, 2015.

Petplan is also giving a 10% discount to Pack members this holiday season. Use promo code: PACKDOG when you sign up.

Petplan Q & A

Pack asked Petplan some questions about their company.

How does Petplan pet insurance work, and why is it important?

Petplan helps pay the veterinary bills when pets get sick or injured. As veterinary care becomes more advanced, the costs continue to rise. In fact, according to Petplan claims data, every six seconds a pet parent is handed a veterinary bill over $3,000. The last choice anyone wants to make is between their pet’s care and their budget!

Pet insurance can help make sure you’re always able to give your pet the best care possible – without worrying about the cost. From diagnostic testing and prescription medications to specialized treatment and beyond, Petplan provides essential coverage to help give pet parents peace of mind.

Petplan is one of the most trusted names in pet insurance, and is loved by more than one million pet parents and veterinarians worldwide. Simple, straightforward plans, top-rated 24/7 customer service and quick claims processing are just a few of the perks of being a Petplan policyholder.

What are some of the safety concerns that dog owners face today, and could face over the holiday season?

Just like everyone else in the family, pets get sick and injured. In fact, one in three pets needs unexpected veterinary care each year, according to Datamonitor (2008). From hereditary conditions like heart disease or hip dysplasia, to chronic conditions like allergies or diabetes, most breeds have a predisposition to some kind of sickness. And as any pet parent knows, all pets have a penchant for sniffing out trouble. Whether it’s a broken paw or an accidental poisoning, it’s impossible to predict your pet’s health (but you can plan for it with Petplan!).

The holidays are some of the most hazardous weeks for four-legged friends. Strings of lights, Christmas balls and tinsel can all cause problems (tangling injuries, cuts, intestinal blockage), as can holiday plants like poinsettias (upset stomachs). Crowds coming and going can tempt a pet to bolt out the door (and into traffic!) and Uncle Frank feeding turkey bones can have foul consequences, too (like a perforated bowel). Add in space heaters (burns), chemical de-icers (more burns) and antifreeze (a potential poison), and you’ve got a winter wonderland of dangers to beware!

The Petplan office is pet friendly. Can you tell us about how pets in the office make for a better work environment?

While the expression “working like a dog” has been around forever, Petplan gives it a whole new meaning. Having pets in our workplace leads to a more creative environment, lessens absenteeism and improves the relationship between managers and employees.

Picturing pets in an office may bring to mind scratched furniture and a fur-covered frenzy, but open our doors and you’re more likely to encounter wagging tails and peaceful purring. Here at Petplan, we delight in sharing our workplace with our pets every day, not just because we love them, but because they help make us a better company. While some may consider pets too distracting for a professional setting, studies actually show the opposite is true. And for us, being passionate about helping pets isn’t just what we do for a living; it’s what we live for.

When it comes to the dogged pursuit of excellence, pets and work go hand in paw. Need some proof? Consider the following benefits:

Paws for Productivity: The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association conducted a survey of pet-friendly businesses, and 73% said pets help create a more productive working environment. How? More than half reported that employees were happy to stay longer at work with their pets by their side, rather than needing to rush home to care for them. 

Stress Less: Taking a break to pet a furry friend is not only refreshing (and oftentimes, laughter- inducing!), but it also improves health. Experts agree that interaction with pets can decrease blood pressure and cholesterol levels, while increasing opportunities for exercise and socialization. 

Sniff Out Top Talent: In an age when companies are striving to stay ahead of the benefits curve, having a pet-friendly policy can help attract talented prospects. In fact, in recent poll from The Bark magazine, many people selected a dog-friendly office over salary as the key component in where they prefer to work.

Happy employees are productive employees and the perk of a pet-friendly office certainly gives Petplan a distinct advantage in attracting new talent – and keeping the whole pack’s tail wagging.