This week Pack had the opportunity to ask Dana Perino a few questions about her new book And the Good News Is...Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side and her dog Jasper, a Vizsla who is known as "America's Dog".

Dana was the former White House Press Secretary, serving under President George W. Bush and is currently a Fox News contributor and co-host of The Five.

Here's what we asked Dana...

Tell us a little bit about your new book And the Good News…Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side.

I’ve written a book that helps explain how a girl like me (from a Western ranching background with no political connections) ended up working in a place like that (The White House). A friend of mine calls it Little House on the Prairie meets The West Wing. In addition to sharing my background, including the unlikely story of how I met my husband, I tell some behind the scenes stories from working for President George W. Bush and offer some career and life advice that I learned through trial and error — showing that grace and optimism are the two sure bets for success and happiness.

What made you decide to get a Vizsla?

After a whirlwind romance, I moved to England to be with my future husband, Peter McMahon. We both wanted to get a dog (this was a good early sign that our relationship was going to work!). I was partial to the look and size of a Weimeraner, and he wanted to get a black Labrador — but then we met a man with two Vizslas, a puppy and an older female. He told us about their temperament, how much exercise they need, and how they become a part of a family.

About thirty minutes later, Peter was on the phone to a breeder in Scotland and she said they had one male left in the most recent litter. “We’ll take him,” he said. We named him Henry, after King Henry VIII, and he lived on two continents and on both of America’s coasts. He died at age thirteen in 2012, just after The Five started in New York City. We still cry over our heartache of losing him.

How did Jasper get the nickname "America’s Dog"?

One night I was a guest on Red Eye, a fun program that runs very late at night (or very early in the morning) on Fox News Channel. The host, Greg Gutfeld, brought up a story about a Hollywood celebrity who was furious that paparazzi were constantly taking pictures of her and her small dog. She wanted them to stop taking pictures of her dog (but not of her). Greg asked if I ever went into a rage if someone wanted a photo of Jasper and I said, "To the contrary, I want to share my dog with everyone, he can be America’s Dog!" And the nickname stuck.

It’s been fun to hear from fans of Jasper. Recently a woman wrote to me and said that her grandson pointed out the window of a car and said, “Look Grandma, there’s one of those Jasper dogs!”

Does Jasper have any unique talents?

Unlike Henry who had many tricks up his paw, such as fetching my flip flop when I asked him about then Senator John Kerry (it was a joke, folks!), Jasper is a little light in the tricks department. But here are some things Jasper can do:

Your turn! Add your own dog to the "Good News" Pack as a shout out to Dana and Jasper.

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