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Meet Dallas & Sawyer

These Catahoula Leopard Dogs from Wake Forest, NC love to destroy pillows (and a few other things) but they are so cute!

Q: Do Dallas and Sawyer have a special trick or talent?

A: Sawyer is a rescue with a rough past. She is working on making up for lost time giving TONS of kisses to those she loves. Dallas’ special trick is his yeti voice. When you tell him to “yawn,” he yawns and then lets out a sound like it is coming straight out of Chewbacca.

Q: What's the worst thing Dallas and Sawyer have ever destroyed?

A: Dressers, window sills, blinds, pillows, countless dog beds, sunglasses, Easter ham (right off the table), an entire package of frozen pork chops (pork popsicle anyone?), entire bottle of Italian salad dressing…if he can reach it—even when you think he can’t—it’s fair game.

Q: What are Dallas and Sawyer's favorite treats?

A: What doesn’t Dallas love? His favorites seem to be sunglasses, ink pens, books, pillows—you name it. When you talk about edible treats though, they go ABSOLUTELY BONKERS for sweet potatoes! Sliced thin and baked—they are the champagne of dog treats to these two!!

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