Whoa. We were fantastically overwhelmed by the number of beautiful, happy and relaxing posts participating in our #Sunnyspot contest over the last few days. We could pretty much close our eyes and pick a winner out of a hat, that's how great all the posts were. Instead we decided to keep our eyes open, and we couldn't keep our eyes away from Olive, the winner of our #sunnyspot contest.

Olive the Border Collie Mix by Julie Saraceno

Julie Saraceno's post of Olive the Border Collie perfectly represents the golden outdoorsy happiness of a dog by your side. Olive wins the glory. Julie wins a Warby Parker gift certificate good for a free pair of sunglasses. Yay!

But don't stop there. There's plenty of sun to spread around. Here are 19 runners-up that we adore:

Jam the Goldendoodle by Laura Erickson Sage the Weimaraner by Kate & Von Tori the Rat Terrier by Наталья Родионова Roua the Labrador Retriever by Mirona Pascu Hobbes the Boston Terrier by Brad Hogarth Tofu the Formosan Mountain Dog by Michael Morgan Tavern the Marvelous Mystery Mutt by Paige Marzullo kotah the Dachshund by Jessica Hutchinson Banks the Bo Chi by Juliet Lippy North the Golden Retriever by Jennifer Waicukauski Ruby the French Bulldog by Tiffany Sharp Captain the Australian Cattle Dog by Victoria Burrow Yuuki the Samoyed by Claire Willans Bexley the Formosan Mountain Dog by Mark Winters Sirius Brown the Dachshund by Teghan Kora the Australian Cattle Dog by Mary Lou Bullock Ruby Bruyen the Pugshire by Heather Bruno Zeke the Puggle by Tony Knaff Murphy the Miniature Schnauzer by Michele Miller

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