Captain the Australian Cattle Dog by Victoria Burrow

Dog photos make the world a better/happier/radder place. Known, this is.

We get many many many dog photos posted every day to Pack. We want to help them all get seen more. So we recently released a feature to help direct your friends, family and other fans to more of your dog's coolest posts.

It's called Related Posts (clever, right?), but you can refer to it as "The More Posts That Everyone Should Love Section." You just keep creating awesome dog posts, and we'll do the work to make sure they show up in this section.

Our goal with Related Posts is to get your dog more of the love he deserves on Pack. This way, when a post about Millie the ridiculously adorbs Corgi gets to the front page of r/aww, the rest of her awesome posts won't get neglected.

Hope you <3 it!

Paul Graff

P.S. If you can get your dog's Pack post to the front page of Reddit's r/aww, I will email you a box of ice cream sandwiches.