Dogs are family.

This March, we released our first ever iPhone app, Snack. It was a ton of fun and we learned a lot in the process. We made Snack to keep you smiling while we worked on our bigger "main" app for the growing Pack community.

Today, we are excited to announce that first version of the Pack app is ready!

The Pack app is available right now in the App Store. We've taken all your packs and squeezed them into your phone (which was hard, especially for the St. Bernards).

You can easily browse through tons of beautiful dog photos. You can discover new dogs within your favorite breed's pack, keep up with dogs you're already tracking, love posts, add comments, cross-post to Instagram, text dogs to friends, cheer up the Internet, all kind of things.

Best of all, you can easily post photos of your dog on the go. Why wait until you get home from that great hike to post about it? Having a great time at your local dog park? Now you can share it right away so others can come join in the fun. It feels good to share your dog with a pack of humans who actually get the dog thing.

And this is just the beginning. We are working on adding more to do and see in the app every day.

So grab your phone, grab your pup and head out into the world with the Pack app! Happy adventuring.

Download on the App Store

P.S. Don't think we forgot about you, Android fans. We are a small team so we picked a platform and went with it. If you want to know when the Android version is available, make sure to let us know!