If you have more than one dog in your family, this tip is for you. Buy a bigger vacuum! (Okay, that wasn't the kind of tip we meant. But seriously, don't skimp on the vacuum cleaner).

Right now on Pack we don't have a way to create a single post for multiple dogs at the same time. We're working on that. In the meantime, there is an easy shortcut!

When you connect your Instagram account to Pack, you can use our autoimport feature to magically post dog photos from Instagram. But check this: if you tag all of your dogs in Instagram using their nifty vanity Pack hashtags, they'll be tagged in the post on Pack as well!

Thanks to Instagram, you won't need to post the same photo for all 3 of your dogs on Pack. No need for that nonsense! Just make sure your Instagram account is connected to Pack and start blowing up your Insty feed with rad dog photos.

When you do post a photo for multiple dogs, like this adorable photo of Tully Mars and Jimmy, we'll be sure to grab the photo and share it to each of their profiles. On top of that, we automatically make sure to let everyone know who's in the photo!

Have fun with it!

Paul Graff