I’ve been using this Golden Retriever mug every day for the past several years (long before Pack was a thing). It was my grandfather’s.

I love this mug. It’s the perfect size. The straight sides and simple rim are great for drinking. I love the campy 80’s typography. I love how it keeps coffee perfectly warm. But the thing I love most about this mug is that it reminds me of my grandfather and how he loved his dog: Daisy.

Daisy was the first dog I knew. She was a great dog. She was the quintessential old gentle Golden Retriever. She sat quietly at my grandpa’s feet as he read the paper. She'd follow him slowly as he headed to the garage. And she didn't even mind when grandchildren tugged on her ears.

I wanted to honor Daisy’s legacy on Pack, even though she is no longer with us. So I created a profile for her. On her profile, you can see photos of me as a toddler lounging on her.

Daisy the Golden Retriever

Several months ago we quietly released a feature we call Memorializing. It’s not something incredibly easy to talk about nor a feature that is fun to parade around, which is why most of our members have never noticed it (or, thankfully, needed to). However, the legacy of dogs in our lives is important to us, so we decided we should call more attention to it.

This feature lets you do two things:

  1. You can create a profile for the dogs you've shared your life with, even if they're dogs of days past. It can be surprisingly emotional and rewarding to build tribute profiles to the dogs of your memory. When you're done building the profile, you can 'Memorialize' it, which will clearly mark the page as a dog you've had to say goodbye to.

  2. Of course we hope that tomorrow never comes, but when the day arrives that you need to say goodbye to a dog who is with your family now, the memorialize feature makes that easier too.

Go to Settings, and under Manage Your Dogs you will find "Say Good Bye" in the Dog Profile Actions.

Say Good Bye

When you Memorialize a dog on Pack, we pause all notification and newsletter emails you may have been getting about that dog. We also add a discrete flower icon on your dog’s profile page. You can see an example on this memorialized profile.

Saying good bye to a dog is hard. We know what a big hole they can leave behind. Our hope is that the beautiful memories you create on Pack will live on forever.