We’ve added another way for you to connect with your pack!

This cool new feature is called Location Packs.

Location Packs are designed to help you discover the dogs in your area, or even explore other parts of the world through the eyes of the dogs who live there. We've grouped together dogs that live in similar locations and created brand new packs to represent them. Each of these Location Packs have custom pages that show off all the cool dogs who live there.

For example, there's the Los Gatos Pack, and the Bay Area Pack, and even the Milan, Italy Pack and the Paris, France Pack!

Bonus: We also combined the top 100 Location Packs with nearby cities to form bigger Area Packs, as in the Bay Area example above. Area Packs feature a customized feed that can be added to your home feed, making it even easier to keep up with the dogs around your town. I've had fun getting to know the Omaha Area Pack.

A few tips:

Tip #1: If you want to edit your dog's location, it's easy to do so by visiting the settings page and selecting the Edit Location option from Dog Profile Actions. This is web-only, not available in our iOS app at the moment, sorry!

Tip #2: Worried that location is a little too personal? You have control over whatever you'd like to reveal about your dog's location. You're free to supply us with a creative (read: fake) location if you'd like to avoid being included in a Location Pack.

Check out your dog’s new location pack by clicking the location link on their profile. From there, you can start doling out the love to dogs from your city.