Your dog's home.

Pack is your dog's home on the internet. It's the perfect place for your dog to be the center of attention.

Unique though she may be, chances are your dog may share her name with other dogs on Pack. (I'm looking at you, Lucy, Max and Bella). If that's the case, Pack automatically generates a starter URL for your dog, like But since we want you to feel at home, you have the option to customize your dog's profile page URL.

To do this, head over to your Pack Settings page and then Manage Your Dogs. Next to each dog's photo, you'll see a menu called "Dog Profile Actions." Click that, then choose "Change URL."

On the next page you'll be able to set a brand new URL for your dog. Simple! We'll forward everything from your old URL to your new, fancy URL.

Have a little fun with it! Need some inspiration?

Tweet us @pack after you've changed your dog's URL so we can say hi!

There's no place like home.