Pack Loves Dogster

Dogster was the first site of its kind on the Internet.

I still admire Ted and John's original vision. Dogs are family, now more than ever. They mean more to us than many people understand. Fellow dog people get it, and we make strong connections around that shared understanding.

What stands out most to me about Dogster, a decade later, is how deeply their members still value the friendships they've made there. That's why so many are saddened by the news that Dogster is shutting down their community on March 3rd. They're removing dog profiles, comments, forums and more and will be focusing on the magazine instead. I wish them well on their new path.

When the team here at Pack learned about this a few days ago, we thought: How can we help?

We think there's something pretty great about dogs and the people who love them, and we want to help them stay connected online. We think Pack is a good new home for that, but we also wanted to help with no strings attached.

So we made some stuff.

We like to make stuff. We like to make dog people happy.

Here's what we made with Dogster members in mind. It's a collection of tools to help you find your way.

On that page you'll find:

  1. A super simple content exporter. Dogster did not offer an export tool for their members to easily save the many photos and "diaries" they had posted to the site over the years, often as original primary source content. So we made it. This downloader is lightweight and free and safe and has no strings attached. We're just giving you a way to save your own content to your computer. It's not tied to a Pack account.

  2. A shortcut for adding your dog to Pack. Pack is new, different, and totally unaffiliated with Dogster, and many of your older smaller photos from Dogster won't even work well here. But the spirit of celebrating your life with your dog is the same. On Pack you can design a beautiful new homepage for your dog and share the simple dog moments you experience every day. You can connect with your dog's breed. And most important, you can...

  3. Stay connected with your Dogster friends. (And make new ones!). We made a way for you to lookup your Dogster friends already here on Pack. Or, you can be the leader of your Pack and invite your Dogster friends to join you.

All for the love of dog people.

We hope this bundle of goodies will help dog people who loved Dogster find a new, happy home for their dog content and connections online. We hope it helps Dogster and Say Media as a company as they, with a heavy heart, shut down the community features and user generated content. And we hope it helps us here at Pack meet a whole new group of friendly dog faces!