Dogs are family.

Dogs are family. And we bet you're not the only one in your family who loves your dog.

Your husband, wife, roommate, mom, boyfriend, your kids... whoever they are, they're all part of your dog's family. They probably take just as many photos of your dog as you do, and you probably text them back and forth to each other or tag your photos for each other on your separate Facebook or Instagram accounts. But we thought we could make that a little easier and a lot more fun.

So we built a feature called "co-humans" that makes it simple for everyone in your family to post to your dog's Pack profile.

It's a shared, ongoing, beautiful tribute to your family dog.

How to add a family member for your dog?

The easiest way to add a co-human for your family dog is this: When you're logged in to the site and viewing your dog's Pack Profile, you'll see an option in the stats box at the bottom left that says "Add a human to this dog."

Click and you're in business.

A little less obvious is that you can also go to your Pack Settings, look under Manage Your Dogs, and find a menu next to each of your dogs that says "Dog Profile Actions."

Manage Humans

In that menu, you'll find an option to "Manage Humans." As if humans are even remotely manageable. :)

Once you've set up your dog's co-humans, these awesome humans will be able to post directly to your dog's Pack Profile, just like you. They can even use custom hashtags to cross-post from their Instagram to your shared dog page.

Pack is a beautiful way to chronicle your dog's life online. Adding more humans to your dog's profile helps you collect even more of the wonderful, crazy, everyday dog moments in life, right on Pack.

Moar love. Moar family. Moar dog.

Photo credit: That lovely family above is Archer the Jack-A-Bee with humans Courtney Sargent and Chris Marks.