Pack Gives Pack | Winter Rescue Project

Introducing the Pack Gives Back: Winter Rescue Project!
This winter we are warming things up with a friendly contest in support of our favorite dog rescue organizations. This is the first of many Pack Gives Back events that we'll be running on behalf of dog-focused nonprofits we love.

What? Tell me more!
The Winter Rescue Project is a friendly challenge for 100 amazing dog rescues to get as many dogs into their Packs as possible before the end of the month. The more dogs they add to their Packs, the more pages they have online calling out support of their organization. The rescue with the most dogs in their Pack wins a $500 donation from Pack. Pretty simple.

With the help of our community of excellent humans who know the dog world inside and out, we've handpicked about 100 rescues that stand out from the crowd. Each one is a certified 501c3 U.S nonprofit.

If you weren't selected, that doesn't mean we don't love you! Just that we had to start somewhere and we probably don't know about you (yet). Drop us a line: and we'll chat!

Simple. We want to help the rescues we love spread the word about their good work. And we want more dogs to get a second chance.

How does it work? (For Rescues)
We know that at most rescue organizations time is tight, money is tighter, and most of you survive 100% on contributions from your volunteers and donors. So we thought we'd try to create something that makes your lives a little easier.

Instead of asking your fans and supporters to dig into their pockets for a donation, or asking them to volunteer large chunks of real world time, Pack's Winter Rescue Project makes it easy for you to give them something: an invitation to design a beautiful homepage for their dog, each page calling out their support of your organization.

For example Sadie the Border Collie has her very own page which belongs to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley's Pack.

Our bet is that your friends and fans will be so proud of the pages they create for their dogs that they'll want to share those pages onward with their friends... and along the way, spread the word about you.

The dogs who join your Pack don't have to be foster dogs or up-for-adoption dogs. All "happily ever after dogs" who are already in loving homes can help spread the word about their less fortunate friends! For example, my dog Luna is part of the Santa Cruz SPCA Pack, even though she's my lifelong dog and is most definitely not up for adoption. ;) We're just big fans of what that organization is doing.

How does it work? (For fans and people who love their dogs!)
If the rescue you love sent you here, great! Follow the link they gave you and add your dog to their Pack. It's fun and takes about 2 minutes to design a gorgeous homepage for your dog. It feels good to help a cause you care about in a brand new and good-looking way.

If there's a dog rescue you volunteer for or especially adore, send this to them and have them contact us. We have a lot more Pack Gives Back projects lined up.

The rescue who tops the Winter Rescue leaderboard with the most dogs in their Pack by January 31, 2014 will get a special donation of $500.

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