This offer has expired.
However, you can still take Phoneography 101.

We have a treat for you!

A gift from the awesome people at Photojojo: Take (even better) photos of your dogs.

Our friends at Photojojo have created Phoneography 101. It’s a pretty nifty online course that teaches you how to take fantastic photos (of your dogs, right?!) with your iPhone. It’s a fun series of bite-sized lessons that you can complete from your phone, anywhere, in minutes, not hours.

As a special treat, Photojojo is making the course free for all Pack beta members. If you’re a member of Pack now or by March 1st when the course starts, this gift is for you. No strings attached.

Enroll in Phoneography 101, then enter the secret gift code at checkout in order to get it freeeee. OMG what’s the secret code? Login to your Pack account and you’ll see it at the top of your dashboard.

Yes, this is just for iPhone people. Don’t have one? Share your code with someone who does!

What’s this? Can it be? Pack members get gifts?

From time to time we will post little gifts like this (or like the Valentine’s Day tshirts!) for our earliest Pack members. These gifts are handpicked by us, always centrally themed around the love we have for our dogs, and made possible by friends at other awesome companies. Our entire goal: to make you (and your dog) smile. We’re grateful that you’re here on Pack in the early days.

Want to invite a photography-and-dog-loving friend in to Pack? Yes you do! Invite them in before March 1st and they can share in this gift. Check to see if you have any invites left, and if you want another just drop us a line:

Megan Casey,
Pack Founder