Sara Pine

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Now, let's meet Sara!

Tell us about your first experience with a Pit Bull. How did you know this is the breed for you?

I loved the breed before my ability to remember – seems I was born with the fascination. My first Pitbull was Ella, who I rescued when I was living in a dormitory in college. Considering I didn’t have the proper accommodations, I had to relinquish her to the loving arms of my family, where she has grown up spoiled and suburban – certainly the queen of the household.

As soon as I had my own home, I was determined to have a Pit under my roof. I remember seeing a little black and white boy named Brett on the Pawd Squad adoption pages (that I perused regularly). Convinced via a photo that he was my soul mate, I rushed to the Saturday adoptions near LAX. As I was walking up to the representative, a little girl Pit caught the eye of my very close friend who had accompanied me. As soon as I touched her, I knew I had to have her.

I’ve met a lot of dogs, but the connection I felt the moment I met Leilani was something unique and moving. We’ve had our ups and downs, challenges and wonderful adventures, and through my relationship with her, I’ve learned to understand the breed and communicate with her effectively – she’s my closest relationship, and shares my more serious minded attributes. Three years later I met her ridiculously goofy brother, Hudson. Her physical twin, he captivated me with his dopey eyes and absolutely loving and delicious demeanor. Now we live with a crazy old Wolfhound named Donkey, a cat named Fela Kiti, two kids and a handsome human alpha male...a very happy pack.

Your photography is beautiful! Where is your favorite place to photograph Leilani and Hudson?

Thank you! There are two distinctly ideal photo ops I look for with my pups – golden hour late afternoon light, and post nap cuddle time. Ugh. I’m melting thinking about the shots I’ve captured. Mid-yawn also deserves special mention.

Hudson's Pack profile claims he can "actually speak the words 'nice to meet you.'" How did discover this? (and do you have a video?)

One day he just showed me. Upon meeting people, he sits and waits to shake your hand. He also sings. I’m not one for teaching my dogs conventional tricks that counter their natural physical state (like sit, stay, come – they already know how to do those things) – so realizing that one was something he just whipped out one day. He also arranges palm branches into geometrical shapes. Capturing any of his strange and shocking tendencies on video is a currently unrealized pursuit. Keep you posted...

What's new in the life of Sara Pine? Any big plans for the summer?

Thank you for asking! I’ve just moved into a new home studio, which is going into construction this week, scheduled (optimistically) to be done by the week following. Once complete, I have about 5 personal projects I’m developing that are ready for photography and exciting commissioned shoots that will be coming out in the coming months! One of my goals is to always get a polaroid of the dogs with my subject for each and every shoot :)

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