Pack is for everyone!

Today Pack launched out of private beta and is now available to dog people worldwide. No invite required. No wait list. Just a love of dogs.

Pack knows what you know: That dogs are family. Our dogs wake us up with a wag in the morning and welcome us home at the end of a long day. They pick us up and they calm us down. In the middle of our hectic schedules and human drama, dogs remind us that life can be simple and love can be easy.

Accompanying today's launch is a whole new suite of features. Our favorite of which is called Pack Posts, best described as "Dog Moments." We wanted to make it easy, fun and beautiful to capture and share the everyday dog moments in life. Over time they grow into a gorgeous photo storybook in honor of your dog.

There's a little more, too. Throughout the summer we quietly released Posts for a small group of people, as well as other features like search (by city, human and dog name); tracking dogs you know and love; new ways to participate in your breed's pack; a sweet tribute feature for departed dogs; and a lot more. In addition to, of course, the ability to design a homepage just for your dog.

Add Your Dog

We even got together with some local Pack members and made a dog video together. We hope you like it. We hope you like all of it. We hope Pack brightens your day and makes you smile.