Auto-Post from Instagram to Pack

Today we released a new feature: Auto-posting from Instagram to Pack.

It works exactly as it sounds. (Is that like onomatopoeia for the web?) When you connect your Instagram account to your Pack account, we give you a dedicated hashtag just for your dog. For example, your dog #captain. Fun tip: You can customize that hashtag, like #ohcaptainmycaptain. Then just add your dog's hashtag in the caption whenever you post to Instagram. That will automatically share your photo on Pack as well.

Here's an example of a photo auto-posted from Instagram to Pack. Notice that this credits back your own Instagram account.

Since Instagram is great and is already in lot of pockets, and Pack does not (quite yet...) have a mobile app, we figured we'd give you a shortcut to feature your Instagram dog content on Pack. It also makes it easier for you to reach a bigger audience for your awesome dog.

Three notes:

  1. One downside of posting via the Instagram auto-post shortcut: You don't get a chance to design the photo using Pack's editor, which gives you a fun way to add text on top of your photo, like this and this.

  2. As has always been the case, you can still manually select (see screenshot) one of your Instagram photos when you create a Post here, then style text on top of it. I guess you could call that the 'medium' shortcut.

  3. If you change your mind, it's easy to disconnect your Instagram account from Pack or simply turn off the Auto-Posting feature.

We're constantly working to make it easier for you to capture your dog's everyday moments, in the most beautiful way possible, and to connect you with a community of people who love dogs (and your dog's breed) just as much as you do.

We welcome any feedback you may have about this new feature! Just drop us a line: