Pack is in private beta right now, available by invitation only. But what does that mean! And why?

It means that Pack is really new. It means we wanted to start small with a great group of people and give them early access to some of our first features. It means we have a lot more fun stuff on the way. AND it means that the only way someone new can join Pack right now is if they get an invite from someone who is already in!


Everyone who has a dog on Pack should have at least 1 invite to share with their favorite dog-loving friend. Others of you have more. Just log in to your Pack account and you'll see a number of invites in the header. If you've given out all your invites and wish you had more, let us know here:

You just might make it on to our Sidewalk Team! It's like a street team, only on the sidewalk, because it's silly to walk your dog in the street.

We're doing the invite thing this way for a simple reason: We want supercool people who love their dogs (that's you) to be the ones to help us grow this community by inviting their friends with dogs.  Pack is going to get a lot more fun in the coming months. Especially when your dog friends are here too. 

That's it. It's up to you who gets in! Who will you give your invites to?