Oh hey, I'm John Henry! I'm in charge of design at Pack. When we first started designing the concept for our first feature--dog profiles--we knew each profile needed to be beautiful. Creating your dog's own page is a surprisingly emotional experience. We knew we needed to give you plenty of control to make the profile as unique and colorful as your dog. All the while, the creation needed to be super simple to use and still be fun.

Beautiful. Unique. Simple. Fun. A tall order, but I am pretty happy with the toolkit we came up with to help you create a stunning profile for your dog.

I wanted to take a moment to walk you through this toolkit and give you some design tips along the way to customize your dog's profile so that it really stands out and makes you super happy. Here we go!

It starts with a great photo

The best profiles we see on Pack all start with great photos. Following some basic photography fundamentals go a long way.

  • Fred
  • Gidget
  • Rosie
  • Get close. Keep your dog large in the frame so that they are the largest subject in the photo.
  • Go simple. A plain background lets your dog lets your dog be the focus. Look for bold colors, but not too much visual noise.
  • Try the edges. Putting your dogs head in the left or right third of the frame opens up negative space to make your composition more interesting.
  • Move around. Try out different angles. Get down on your belly with your dog, or see how your dog looks different from above.

The right crop

Upon upload, your dog's photo likeness will be cropped horizontally (5:3 ratio). Starting with a horizontal photo makes cropping a little more predictable.


TIP: When cropping, leave a bit of negative space for headlines.

Designing the profile

If you've already created your dog's profile: sign-in and click the edit tab on the bottom right of your dog's profile.


The Edit Wheel (smack-dab in the middle of your screen) has all the tools you need to design your dog's profile.

Edit Wheel

TIP: Minimize the Edit Wheel by clicking the center icon to preview more of your profile design.


The first panel you see is layout. You have three options for where the headline and tagline land on your photo (left, center, right).


TIP: Make sure your headlines don't land on your dog's eyes or other point of interest.


Adjust the size of the type and select a font that fits the personality of your dog. Play around! A selection of beautiful fonts from renowned typography foundries are made available by our friends at TypeKit. You can also apply a shadow or glow, to help separate the type from the background.


TIP: Depending on the length of your dog's name and tagline, you may need to adjust the size so the type flows elegantly.


Next up, colors! Here you will find a variety swatches for your headline and tagline.


Change the background color (black/white) of the info box and adjust the transparency. Fancy!

Statbox Background Color


If you want to update you photo, you can always try a different one. In the photo panel you will also find that you can apply a screen effect on your photo.


TIP: Apply the screen if your photo is lower resolution or imported from Instagram to hide digital imperfections.

Text Editing

To edit your dog's info, look for the pencil on the statbox.

Edit Statbox

Did you know you can edit the headline and tagline in edit mode? It's true!

Live Edit


Before the world can see your dog's beautiful new profile, you need to hit the giant PUBLISH! button in the bottom right corner.

Live Edit

Ta da! You did it!

For a bit of inspiration, here are a few of our favorite dog profile designs. Each have a great photo with excellent supporting layout, color, and typography.

  • Layla
  • Truffel
  • Harley
  • Dodger
  • Homer Jay
  • Rocky

You can't break anything (that can't be fixed), so have a blast experimenting with your dog's beautiful new profile.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop me an email: johnhenry@packlove.com. Happy designing!

John Henry Müller